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Laser marking machine is mainly used for on-line spray code marking on the appearance of various products or outer packages. Because it has the common function of vision and touch, and can never be erased, it also has strong anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling characteristics. Now it is widely used in tobacco industry, biopharmaceuticals, alcohol industry, food and beverage industry. Material, health care products, electronic profession, national defense industry, automobile parts, card making, technology, clothing accessories, building materials and other areas, and showed a rapid upward trend.

Laser marking machine is a kind of honest species, which can only mark the stopped object by spraying code. Since then, it not only wastes the power of production, but also causes serious repetitive work on the production personnel. Unlike the traditional laser marking machine, which can only mark stopped objects, the on-line flying laser marking machine continuously moves on the production line, greatly improving the power of production, and making the laser machine accustomed to the requirements of industrial production.

The operation of laser marking machine not only brings prospects and visibility to industrial power, but also saves people, time and power. In the process of code-jet marking, the products in industry are presented as production line activities, useful progress in power in industrialized production and useful addition to operation power. Now, on-line laser marking machine has been widely used in processing and manufacturing industry.

Laser marking machine profession has been quietly carried out for decades. From the beginning, the masses are not familiar with it. Now it gradually replaces the traditional technology and adds new models. Now it has completed a leap-forward development. But another phenomenon is the rapid development of domestic laser marking machine enterprises in the market like mountains and wilderness. It brings us more difficulties in selecting laser marking machine manufacturers. Which one is the best on-line laser marking machine?

The Hanteng laser is a good choice. Hanteng Laser focuses on R&D, production and sales services and non-standard automation equipment supporting manufacturers, the main laser welding machine and ultraviolet, CO2, optical fiber laser marking machine, laser jet printer and other high cost-effective laser equipment!

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