Application of laser welding machine in metal parts and mobile phone accessories


The mobile phone metal frame is connected with other data structures of the mobile phone's middle board. Laser welding method is used to weld metal shrapnel on the conductive potential, which has the effect of anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. Raw materials including gold-plated aluminium, copper-plated steel and gold-plated steel can also be used as shrapnel through laser welding machine for metal parts to mobile phone parts.

USB data line and power adapter play an important role in our life. At present, many domestic manufacturers of electronic data line use laser welding technology of metal parts to weld them.

Common mobile phone parts welding include resistance capacitor laser welding, mobile phone stainless steel nut laser welding, mobile phone camera module laser welding and mobile phone radio frequency antenna laser welding. Laser welding machine for metal parts does not need tool touch in the process of welding mobile phone camera. It avoids the damage caused by tool and equipment touch, and has higher processing precision. It is a new microelectronic packaging and interconnection technology, which can be applied to the process of metal parts in mobile phones.

Mobile phone chips usually refer to chips used in mobile communication functions. Pcb board is the support of electronic components and the provider of electrical connection of electronic components. Following the development of mobile phone toward the light direction, the traditional tin welding is no longer suitable for welding the internal parts of mobile phone. Laser welding machine for metal parts has penetrated into every profession since it was developed. With the welding power and quality, laser welding machine for metal parts has high power, good quality and long service life, and can complete automatic production. Many manufacturers are using it.

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