Application Scene and Function of Two-Dimensional Code Laser Marking Machine


In today's life, the two-dimensional code can bring us great convenience, Internet Alipay, WeChat two-dimensional code, milk powder two-dimensional code and so on. The two-dimensional code goes deep into our life, on the one hand, it facilitates the traceability process of users, and plays the purpose of brand promotion, on the other hand, it is convenient for enterprises to control production. The flow of goods prevents the channeling of goods.

At present, the application of two-dimensional code in manufacturing information management system, food and medicine industry, product traceability and sales management, e-commerce and other industries has been very mature, and the demand for two-dimensional code laser marking is also growing. However, the existing ink-jet, thermal/thermal transfer printing and other traditional methods have become increasingly difficult to meet the application scenarios and functional requirements of two-dimensional codes. The emergence of laser marking machine brings better experience and more possibilities to the application of two-dimensional code.

In the field of consumer electronics, especially smartphones, the market competition pressure of smartphones is high. Whether you are Apple, Samsung or Huawei mobile phones can not guarantee the quality of customers'mobile phones, the next fall may be them. Therefore, every smartphone manufacturer strictly controls the quality of products, ranging from small electronic components to mobile phone shell. Laser marker is used to mark the two-dimensional code, so as to realize the traceability of product quality.

Laser marking belongs to non-contact processing, which will not cause other damage to the workpiece in the whole processing process, and there is no ink and other consumables, will not produce any waste gas, waste water, and avoid pollution.

Two-dimensional code can carry a large amount of information, which is the basis of product information traceability. But this means that each product can have its own unique two-dimensional code. The traditional two-dimensional code ink-jet code has low automation and efficiency. Laser marking can achieve one thing, one code at a high speed.

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