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With the influence of TV watching, cell phone playing, incorrect reading posture and other factors, more and more people are myopic, and the use of glasses is also increasing. With the increasing number of people using glasses, people pay more and more attention to the appearance requirements of glasses. A good-looking spectacle frame is also expensive. Whether it is a spectacle frame or a spectacle box, using laser marking machine to engrave exquisite patterns on the surface of the spectacles will undoubtedly greatly improve the beauty of the spectacles!
With the development of the eyeglasses industry, major eyeglasses brands have come out one after another. In order to prevent their own goods from fleeing and counterfeiting, each eyeglasses will have a corresponding trademark LOGO, that is, to prevent counterfeiting and inferior products, but also to promote their own brand. There are many equipments that can Mark trademarks on glasses, such as typewriter, pneumatic marker, screen printing, etc. But the best marking method should be laser marker.

Because the market of eyeglasses laser marking machine is chaotic, there are many phenomena of second-best, false and true, so when you buy eyeglasses laser marking machine, you must choose a regular manufacturer.
1. Independent innovation and R&D:
Independent innovation is the foundation of Bott Laser's survival. It has a huge technology research and development team, which has laid a solid foundation for providing customers with more high-quality laser technology.
2. Standard production process:
Real-time data monitoring management process, on-site resource tracking. The high efficiency and fine processing process meets the requirements of international standard production process.
3. Perfect customer service:
Provide customers with 7*24-hour pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service system, engineers point-to-point training, maintenance, equipment failure repair, process debugging support. Establish a complete user profile, regular return visits, customer satisfaction survey.
4. Efficient solutions:
Provide the most efficient and economical technical solutions, and successively provide laser technology and non-standard automation solutions for many well-known brand companies.
5. Advanced technology:
The first-class R&D team's advanced technology comes from our focus, and all the core components are imported from the original. With automation core team, customize non-standard equipment for customers.

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