How to Anti-counterfeiting of Laser Marking Machine for Metal Wine Bottle Cap


Laser marking machine itself has the function of printing random code and anti-counterfeit code, which is urgently needed in the liquor industry nowadays, because there are many fake and inferior liquor in the market, which not only harms people's health, but also causes chaos in the liquor market. In order to enable consumers to better and safer to enjoy their rights and interests, the anti-counterfeiting function of laser marking machine is particularly important. It can have a separate code on each bottle of wine and each bottle cap, and its code identification is permanent, clear and unchangeable.

How to prevent forgery of laser marking machine for metal wine bottle cap?
In beer bottle bottom or metal bottle cap, manufacturers will mark the date of production and other information for consumers to view. Inside the bottle cap or easy-to-pull ring, some manufacturers will mark two-dimensional codes with a small area, and then sweep the codes to participate in the corresponding activities, so as to interact with offline consumers and promote the activities.

Because of the fast processing speed, unstable bottle body in the process of processing, and relatively humid processing environment, the beer industry has a high demand for processing technology. Whether the bottle body or cap is coded, it needs very harsh conditions. With the development of laser technology and the continuous improvement of automation level, laser marking machine has been widely used in the wine industry, and its excellent performance advantages are gradually replacing the traditional processing methods.

By using the information of beer laser marking machine marking sequence coding and factory name labeling on each beer and accessing the database of beer system, we can supervise the production quantity and variety of products, inquire and monitor the path and direction of products, effectively control the circulation of non-original products, and enhance the traceability of products.

Metal wine bottle cap laser marking machine has strong anti-counterfeiting ability, which effectively protects the rights and interests of consumers, so consumers can be more confident and more secure to buy. The people depend on food, and the ability of Chinese people to consume alcohol is obvious to all. Only if the security of anti-counterfeiting is truly achieved, consumers can be truly assured that major wine manufacturers can achieve more long-term development.

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