Application of Precision Laser Welding


Precision laser welding processing applications, metal high precision welding processing sheet laser welding deformation, cold welding processing. Laser welding is superior to other welding processing equipment special performance.
Laser welding process uses laser beam radiation in the working area of the product. After the laser beam undergoes optical control focusing, it forms a multi-density laser, which quickly forms a multi-density gathering heat source area in the welded area. The heat can make the welded area melt and crystallize to form consolidated solder joints or welds. Laser welding operation process is heat conduction type, which is the place of laser radiation heating products. The heat dissipates to the interior according to the heat conduction. We are skilled in controlling the width, energy, peak power or repetition frequency of laser pulses, so that the parts where products need to be welded melt to form special melting pools.

Laser welding is a high-precision laser welding process for various products of various shapes, such as tubes, plates and wires, of various materials.

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