Application of Fiber Laser Marker in Anti-counterfeiting Code


Label laser marker anti-counterfeiting technology is now the most common use of bar code, two-dimensional code to achieve product anti-counterfeiting, these barcodes and two-dimensional code are typed using optical fiber laser marker.

As a new type of laser marking technology, optical fiber laser marking machine has very fine marking effect, and its lines can reach millimeter to micrometer scale. It is very difficult to imitate and modify the marking using laser marking. For those parts with small and complex shapes, the optical fiber laser marking machine can easily complete the marking work, which not only has beautiful effect, but also does not have direct contact with the object and does not damage the object.

The marking of optical fiber laser marking machine is permanent and will not be blurred with the increase of time, which makes the marking itself have a certain degree of anti-counterfeiting, but there is also the possibility of counterfeiting. If we want to further anti-counterfeiting products, the combination of optical fiber laser marking system and database query system can be achieved.

Laser marking equipment itself is controlled by computer, which can easily realize the docking with the database system. After integrating the database function in the marking software, customers can verify the laser coding on the corresponding products through the database to distinguish the authenticity of the products. The anti-counterfeiting data of optical fiber laser marker can be in plaintext, barcode, two-dimensional code and so on. Because barcode and two-dimensional code have corresponding reading equipment, which can reduce the time of manual input, it is very suitable for anti-counterfeiting data carrier.

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