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Whether manufacturing enterprises or industrial production enterprises, there are always problems of anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling in the selection of mechanical equipment and the output of products. This requires special marking equipment to solve the problem. The initial marking equipment is cumbersome or backward. With the continuous development of laser technology, more and more laser equipment has been applied to the marking field of manufacturing industry. Laser marking machine is favored for its good marking effect, no consumables, environmental protection, high efficiency and precision.

Laser marking machine is to use the high energy density characteristics of laser to form characters and patterns on the surface of objects by burning or etching. The imprinting can be preserved for a long time and is not easy to wear and tear. At first, laser technology was used in marking industry, but there are still many problems, such as high purchase cost, heavy equipment, difficult installation and high maintenance cost. The innovation and breakthrough of technology make laser marking equipment gradually evolve to the desired direction. The equipment is light, easy to install and easy to maintain. More importantly, it reduces the production cost and brings convenience to its large-scale popularization. 。

The 21st century is the era of laser. Laser has incomparable advantages in many industries. Especially with the development and application of science and technology, the scope of laser marking machine is gradually expanding, and it begins to develop slowly in our daily life. Due to the increasing awareness of anti-counterfeiting of consumers, the traditional code-jet marking method can not take the trust of consumers. On the contrary, the laser marking machine in a variety of products marked patterns, dates, trademarks are highly praised by customers.

Among them, the marking of laser marking machine is a mark that can not be erased. The products processed and marked are beautiful and meticulous. Its main working principle is to put the laser directly on the surface of the object through physical action, without the aid of other auxiliary tools. Such marking is easier to identify for consumers. Because the laser marking machine has the advantages of high efficiency, no material consumption, environmental protection, energy saving and easy maintenance, more people begin to integrate into the laser marking machine industry on the basis of promoting product value.

The application of laser marking machine is also reflected in glass products. The beer bottles, cosmetic bottles and beverage bottles we usually use are all glass products. This also prompted many glass manufacturers to introduce a large number of laser markers to mark items. Thus, the application of laser marking machine has brought rapid development to the market, and also shows the progress of an era.

At present, laser marking machines in the market are mainly characterized. The trajectories of the characters to be marked are completely depicted, while lattice laser machines are some important trajectories of the characters to be marked. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, but in the process of continuous optimization and innovation.

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